Tamil Heritage Month - UK

Tamil Heritage Month Celebration 2023 Conference and Event

The Tamil Heritage Month UK, in partnership with organizations and multilateral agencies representing various aspirations of the Tamils living in the UK are fully committed to proclaiming and declaring the Month of January as the Tamil Heritage Month.

Tamils first arrived in the UK in the 1940s. During the early days, many came to propel their higher education. In later years, many others arrived in the UK in search of better opportunities and lifestyles and made the UK their new home, finding in it a space where they could live peacefully and freely without the fear of discrimination and ethnic tension. In those years, a substantial number of UK Tamils have risen to contribute to society, including business, science, medicine, education, civil rights, politics, and have been providing a vibrant piece of the cultural fabric.

We, The Tamil Heritage Month UK are working to raise awareness about those contributions and to stem the roots of Tamil Heritage by bringing out stories of UK Tamils and their life experience.


This year we focus on long term vision and how to shape Tamil Heritage Month in the future.


22 Jan 2023


10:30 am - 5:00 pm