Tamil Heritage Month - UK

Tamil Heritage Month – United Kingdom

Lead Event will be on the 7th January 2024 at 12:30PM(UK Time) at Crystal Banqueting Hall (Hayes), 466-468, Uxbridge Rd, Middlesex, Hayes UB4 0SD

அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கம்

Tamil Heritage Month in the United Kingdom

British Tamils have enriched, and continue to enrich, our diverse multi-ethnic society of the United Kingdom through the achievements of business, sports, education, healthcare, and politics, to name a few areas.

This month provides us an opportunity to show our appreciation celebrate and share our heritage with wider communities of the United Kingdom.

We are proud to celebrate the month of January as Tamil Heritage Month; this will help bring the richness of the Tamillanguage and culture to the British public and let them embrace the cultural heritage of British Tamils.

We encourage individuals, communities, and the organisations to take part in the Tamil Heritage Month in the United Kingdom and organise various cultural and Tamil recognition events throughout the month.

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What We Do

Enrich Tamil arts and traditions together with fellow citizens focusing on the matters connected to Tamil cultural heritage and to spread the message and bring awareness to more people within the UK.

Promotion of Heritage in Education

Education is an endless course of the learning process. Defining heritage education is a foremost approach for transferring society’s knowledge, morals, ethics, principles, and beliefs to newer generations. The heritage education objectives are to engage the public and young Tamils in highlighting and interacting cultural affairs in comprehending ideas and philosophies about the history and to extend their obligation for creative undertakings including scientific and intellect collaboration resulting in social and financial contributions.

Heritage Festivals and Events

To fascinate and exhibit cultural traditions to the public about the rich Tamil culture and to raise the economic impact by organizing Tamil festivals within communities is a critical aspect for boosting participation. Festivals and events can accomplish a vibrant power behind cultural empowerment and social connections while bringing monetary nourishment. Well-thought-out cultural festivals can contribute to the economic development of the local organizers through employment, entertainment and participants ultimately attributing to a wide range of economic influences.

Tamil Heritage Awards

Establishing heritage awards is a powerful way of promoting cultural heritage and identifying the stream of enthusiasm. To honor with objectives to inspire interest and talent of the scholars for the appreciative, thoughtfulness and documentation of heritage and related art effects. This can include a spectrum of art formats such as music, dance, short films, stage performance, literature, visual arts, and photography to name some of the critical mediums to cultivate and promote awareness among students and performers.

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